The 6th International Workshop on

Acquisition, Representation and Reasoning about Context with Logic

ARCOE-Logic 2014

November 25, 2014
Linköping, Sweden

held at the

The 19th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2014)

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Tuesday, November 25 2014

09h30 to 10h00 Knowledge Propagation in Contextualized Knowledge Repositories: an Experimental Evaluation
Loris Bozzato and Luciano Serafini
10h00 to 10h30 Adding Context to Knowledge and Action Bases
Diego Calvanese, İsmail İlkan Ceylan, Marco Montali, and Ario Santoso

Coffee Break (30 min)

11h00 to 11h30 Different types of conflicting knowledge in AmI environments
Martin Homola and Theodore Patkos
11h30 to 12h00 Reasoning for Improved Sensor Data Interpretation in a Smart Home
Marjan Alirezaie and Amy Loutfi
12h00 to 12h30 Context-aware Analytics in MOM Applications
Martin Ringsquandl, Steffen Lamparter, and Raffaello Lepratti


Please note: Preliminary Program may be subject to variations.

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