The 4th International Workshop on

Acquisition, Representation and Reasoning with Contextualized Knowledge


August 28, 2012
Montpellier, France

held at the

European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-12)

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Workshop notes including all papers can be downloaded here.

Accepted Papers

Context on the semantic web: Why and how
Loris Bozzato, Martin Homola, and Luciano Serafini

Introducing conviviality as a property of multi-context systems
Antonis Bikakis, Vasileios Efthymiou, Patrice Caire, and Yves Le Traon

A step forward the elicitation of context: application in healthcare
Nathalie Bricon-Souf and Emmanuel Conchon

Influence of context on decision making during requirements elicitation
Corentin Burnay, Ivan Jureta, and Stéphane Faulkner

Context aware decision system in a smart home: Knowledge representation and decision making using uncertain contextual information
Pedro Chahuara, François Portet, and Michel Vacher

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