Algorithms for AI Robotics - Projects

Summer 2013/2014

Now updated for 2014!

You can solve the projects in groups of 2 people or individually.

Select one of the projects. Then send e-mail to to reserve it and get it confirmed, you can propose the implementation details/hw etc. in your mail. After the project is confirmed and specified in more details, register for the lab, if you need. Finally, make a report on project wiki page.

The projects are coming, you can already send an e-mail and register for the time in the lab...

  1. Omnibot with accellerometer and gyroscope records trajectory and visualizes it on screen.
  2. LCS for SBOT/Acrob - implement simply Learning Classifier System for one of the simple robot platforms.
  3. line following robot using camera
  4. Android platform controlling robot - camera or accellerometer, recording trajectory, image recognition
  5. learning to detect movements using gyroscopic sensor and ANN
  6. simulation experiment in Microsoft Robotics Studio
  7. double pole balancing - a neural network learns to balance two poles on a cart that moves in one dimension (simulation)
  8. evolution of shapes with Open Dynamics Engine: a shape is encoded in the genotype, the goal is to move it from one place to another with one (or two) motors that oscillate with a specific pattern
  9. MOEA for robotic task (in simulation)
  10. all kinds projects in Remotely-Operated laboratory: - automatic docking - multiple robot problem solving with symbolic representation of state - ANN - EA - probabilistic localization/mapping
  11. POMDP - application for finding solution and visualizing state space and expected reward
  12. implementation of BBR controller for robot
  13. robot localization using features in image (landmarks)
  14. robot localization in arena using distance sensors (US/IR)
  15. robot localization in changing environment using distance sensors
  16. using ASUS Xtion for obstacle avoidance
  17. outdoor mobile robot navigates while avoiding obstacles
  18. any learning algorithm for robot in real world or simulation
  19. reinforcement learning - finding path to a goal in maze
  20. explore the possibilities of ROS and implement simple learning robot