Algorithms for AI Robotics

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The course will introduce the students to selected algorithms for intelligent robotic systems and provide first-hand experience with experimental robotics in simulation and on real robots.


Project: 50 pts (working implementation of a method, algorithm, selected article or chapter)
Exam: 50 pts (30 pts for test covering the course material, 20 pts for essay - compiled topic sk/en, min. 5 pages)

A: 90+
B: 80-90
C: 70-80
D: 60-70
E: 50-60  (but at least pts from project + 10)


In the lab: anytime in the assigned slots (Wed, Fri: 8-12), you need to book your presence in the calendar (total min. 10 hours work), alternately: at home/another lab, but report what you did when.

Lab reservation calendar

Lab rules


Will be announced in the second part of semester.
How to prepare? You can bring one A4 sheet containing your notes, and no other materials. Please try to read through the material (see link somewhere else on this page), the questions will refer to it, when needed, you will get the necessary article, or part of it. The exam will include computational task on prob. robotics (adjusting belief based on specification of the sensor), and updating value or Q-function in reinforcement learning, and some other tasks.

Example exams: example1, example2.


The material covered may include:

The materials are at a separate page: (uzivatel airob heslo je meno robotickej sutaze, ktora bola koncom aprila odzadu) material.

Our department is for the third year building a common laboratory with the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics of Slovak Technical University. The aim of this course is to cover interesting algorithms that can be useful in the field of Robotics (but with some modifications also in other applications). The students will be introduced to the practical work with the robots in the laboratory, and in the second part of the course, the students will work on a specific small-size project in groups. The lab meetings are arranged individually.


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